So much about life on Earth makes absolutely no sense at all:

If inflammation and swelling are the body’s natural defense when injured, why are we always trying to reduce inflammation and swelling?

Software is the only consumer product that’s always broken when you buy it.

What makes free people willingly give government bureaucrats more and more control over them?

Boy bands.

Solid matter is almost entirely empty space. If you took all the empty space out of atoms, a piece of matter the size of a sugar cube would weigh millions of tons, the Earth would be smaller than a football stadium and and every living thing would disappear.

If we’re all born naked and sex makes babies — without which our race would die — why are nudity and sex taboo in our culture?

Ever had a dream end in a loud crash that becomes the sound of a real crash as you wake up? How did your mind know that your cat was going to knock something off your nightstand when the dream began?

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to quit looking.

The big bang spawned our universe, but where did the matter/energy come from? If God created it, then who or what created God? And so on.

Most stainless steel is not stainless.

Olives are naturally inedible due to the presence of Oleuropein, an extremely bitter compound. Some 6,000 years ago someone actually soaked them in lye, leached out the Oleuropein and made them edible without killing himself in the process.

Our entire society objectifies women from top to bottom, but we always act shocked and appalled to see the inevitable outcome.

Every corporation and profession is held accountable except doctors and hospitals. There’s virtually no data to help us make informed choices on what matters most: our health and well-being.

If it’s too good to be true, why do we still believe it and buy it?

Everyone knows to buy low and sell high, but most investors: 1. buy hot stocks when they’re up and sell when they plummet, 2. know they should diversify but don’t, and 3. know they shouldn’t trade on emotion but do.

Questioning conventional wisdom – the Socratic method – is the basis for critical thinking, the scientific method and our legal system. It advances science and society. And yet, we revere conventional wisdom, and stubbornly stick to our commonly held beliefs and ludicrous myths.

Next to humans, the most social creatures on Earth are ants, bees and wasps.

As a teenager, I started getting warts on my hands. Bored in class, I started chewing them and finally just bit them all off. It was painless. And they never returned. Ever.

Why is our culture obsessed with fame, when it only benefits narcissists who get off on the attention?

Business leaders usually know when they’re in too deep and lack perspective, but rarely seek independent counsel. Even when they do, they usually think they know better.

If just being alive is such a miracle, why do we think we need so much stuff to be happy?

Reality TV.

Now it’s your turn: What unexplained phenomenon has always bugged you?

Image credit Mait Jüriado via Flickr

  • LeviMeow

    Great article. After thousands of years of history we (as in humans on earth) are willing to kill each other with wars.

  • Mark Meador

    Facebook’s allure (or any social media). It’s like driving past a car wreck, we can’t help but slow down and gawk.

    • Randall Vincent

      I think it’s a combination of narcissism and voyeurism.

  • Randall Vincent

    I don’t understand why they call the very small Snickers bars “fun size”. There’s nothing fun about it.

  • Barry Duck

    Working around engineers most of my working life in manufacturing plants, they would draw circuits and tell us (technicians) to go wire it up. Most of the times we would have to by trial and error make them work. So is the bumble bee that engineers say can’t fly, but they do.

  • Monty Gry

    So many things are messed up. I love my country. It is ironic that our political leaders always are trying to tell countries not to have nuclear weapons….yet we are the only country ever to use one.

  • E Van

    There are people who grow and harvest olives and even put them in jars without pimento. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

  • Mario Clementi

    Why is the save icon a floppy disk, when nobody has used them for decades?

  • How the hell am I still alive after several genuine attempts to commit suicide??? Steve please explain if you can!!!