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Enron Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling

Know-It-Alls are Obnoxious — Know-It-All Leaders are Dangerous

There’s nothing more annoying than a self-important jerk bragging about how smart he is. Football picks, investments, business decisions – it doesn’t matter what it’s about; it’s that smug arrogance that gets you. And, if we’re being honest with ourselves, maybe that jealous little voice in our heads that says,[…] Read On

Congrats, You’re the CEO: Chief Ego Officer

The only real advance in organizational development over the past 50 years is the reengineering of executive titles. We now have chief officers for every function and non-function, from marketing and information to experience and ethics. The purpose of all those c-level titles? One word. Ego. That’s right; no company[…] Read On