Narcissism Is Eating the World

Babies are the ultimate narcissists. They absolutely believe the world revolves around them. And they’ll do anything to get our attention: look cute and gurgle, grab our fingers and never let go, scream their little heads off. Whatever works, good or bad, they’ll do it. The thing is, babies have[…] Read On

Because I Love the Company

When I first launched this site, the developer, Ryan Frederick of emg (amazing web developer, btw), gave me some advice, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Come up with something big so your blog will go viral, you’ll get tons of subscribers, and life will be good.” The big hit on his relationship site,[…] Read On

California Should Fund Its Own Damn Transit System

The Trump administration’s Transportation Department is withholding federal funding of a project to modernize Silicon Valley’s light rail system. The New York Times says Trump is breaking a campaign promise about rebuilding America’s infrastructure. The question is, why should Washington have to fund California’s transit system? Turns out, the Golden[…] Read On