Talk Is Cheap

Tom Hindman photo  Jimmy Gianato, SDirector WV of Homeland Security & Emergency Management reads a statement regarding the Freedom Industries poisioning of the water for over 300,000 WV residents during a Congerssional Hearing.

Leaders are people of consequence. They set goals, make decisions, take action and get results. Goals-decisions-actions-results. That critical chain of events drives leaders, grows companies and advances civilization. Understanding what it takes to be an effective leader doesn’t get any simpler than that. It isn’t rocket science. And yet, the[…] Read On

Decision-Making for Dummies

decisions decisions

The most important process in business is decision-making. Hands-down. Big or small, if a management or project team can get that right, that’s half the battle. And if they can’t, they’ll fail. Period. Most don’t get it right. That’s why most ventures fail. Interestingly enough, it’s the same with small[…] Read On

What Matters to You?

duck dynasty

I’m convinced that success and happiness are based primarily on one behavior: Doing what matters and not what doesn’t. What matters? That’s entirely up to you. Identify it, focus on it and don’t stray too much. It’s not a one-time thing, mind you. What matters to us changes over time. What[…] Read On