How to Deal With Disappointment

You don’t get anywhere in life without experiencing disappointment. If you push the envelope even a little, it comes with the territory. The more you push, the more disappointment you experience. You can always lower your expectations, but then you’re not pushing the envelope as much, and that in turn[…] Read On

Learn to Let Go

One of the most popular articles in today’s Wall Street Journal is “The Case for Letting Your Best People Go,” a riff on a prior op-ed by Dartmouth prof Sydney Finkelstein. The essential point is that the best bosses in corporate America invest in grooming their top employees, knowing full[…] Read On

Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Ever wonder why there are so few real leaders and never any shortage of followers? It’s simple biology. Humans are by nature herd animals. We may call our herds communities and towns but they’re still herds, just the same. And herds, by nature, have few leaders. This is not rocket[…] Read On

Why Our Brains are Wired Backwards

There are times when I’m reasonably certain that somebody up there mistakenly wired our brains backwards. The human capacity for making believe that nonsense is true while believing that undeniable truth is nonsense is truly remarkable. That simple but surprisingly sticky mechanism is probably responsible for the overwhelming majority of human conflict, business failures[…] Read On