The Overachiever’s Dilemma

office space

  At one end of the workforce spectrum are those who obsess over their careers. They drive themselves and everyone around them nuts in their relentless drive to be the best, most productive, most successful whatever. At the other end of the scale are perpetual screw-ups trying to squeeze as[…] Read On

On Taking the Road Less Travelled

the road less travelled

There’s nothing more annoying than a contrarian who revels in taking the opposing view just to get a rise out of people and feel important. But that’s very different from questioning the status quo and acting against it when you’ve got good reason to do so. Cultural norms and societal[…] Read On

I Hugged a Liberal, and I Liked It

hugged a liberal and liked it

Had lunch with a very impressive business associate yesterday. She’s a flaming liberal. I’m not. She loves Hillary. I don’t. She’s also smart, kind and funny. She has a strong work ethic and a good head on her shoulders. She has leadership potential. That’s all far more important to me[…] Read On

What Really Ticks Me Off

Google Is Evil

It’s Mother’s Day. I did all my wife’s chores and let her sleep in this morning. Does anyone ever do my chores on Father’s Day? Nope. I still have to do pool maintenance, weed whack, fertilize the fruit trees, yada yada. We all have pet peeves: annoying things other people[…] Read On