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Why Millennials Have Their Priorities Screwed Up

If you did any shopping this holiday season you may have noticed a change in the way retailers are marketing: They’re selling the shopping experience as much as they’re selling products. Experiential marketing is all the rage. According to research, millennials value experiences over owning things. So brand marketers are[…] Read On

My 10 Aspirations for 2018

New Year’s resolutions are dumb. My go-to dictionary says that resolutions are supposed to be “firm decisions.” Resolving to lose weight on New Year’s Eve and heading straight to McDonald’s on New Year’s Day sounds about as firm as cellulite. I have a better idea. They’re called aspirations. Aspirations are[…] Read On

Enron Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling

Know-It-Alls are Obnoxious — Know-It-All Leaders are Dangerous

There’s nothing more annoying than a self-important jerk bragging about how smart he is. Football picks, investments, business decisions – it doesn’t matter what it’s about; it’s that smug arrogance that gets you. And, if we’re being honest with ourselves, maybe that jealous little voice in our heads that says,[…] Read On