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Forget All That Leadership Nonsense and Do Your Freaking Job

First there was the scourge of political correctness. Then came the No Asshole Rule, Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Capitalism. Now we’re supposed to Lead with Dignity by raising our “dignity consciousness.” Meanwhile leaders are supposed to be likable, positive and grateful. They’re supposed to avoid conflict, not to mention saying[…] Read On

The War on Free–I Mean–Hate Speech

Twitter blew up today over conservatives getting permanently banned from the platform. This time it’s former Marine vet, talk radio host and failed congressional candidate Jesse Kelly. Twitter has yet to give Kelly a reason beyond the usual repeated violations of its vague and selectively-enforced rules. What’s ironic is that[…] Read On

Controversial Kaepernick Ad Shows Nike ‘Believes in Something’

Everyone is losing their shit over Nike’s divisive new ‘Just Do It’ ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The question is, why did Nike’s execs pull the trigger on such a risky strategy? The pundits say it was a calculated business decision based on winning more customers than they lose. I say[…] Read On