About Steve

Steve Tobak is cofounder and managing partner of Invisor Consulting, a Silicon Valley-based management consulting firm that advises executives and business leaders on strategic matters. Previously he was a well-known senior executive in the high-tech industry, leading global marketing and sales organizations for several high-profile public companies and a couple of startups that achieved successful IPOs.

blog-wifeAuthor of the new book, Real Leaders Don’t Follow: Being Extraordinary in the Age of the Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur Press, 2015), Tobak writes weekly columns for Fox Business, Fortune, and Entrepreneur Media, and previously blogged for various CBS News sites. Millions of readers have enjoyed his insightful commentary, straightforward advice and characteristic wit. That’s probably why he’s been interviewed, quoted, and referenced by pretty much every major business media outlet at one time or another.

Don’t let his youthful charm fool you. Tobak is actually a lot older than he looks, having started out as a chip designer with Texas Instruments more than thirty years ago. He grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, holds a BS in physics and an MS in electrical engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and lives in the Bay Area’s Santa Cruz Mountains with his sainted wife Kim and a bunch of spoiled animals.

About the Blog

Having had the distinct pleasure of writing for some of the world’s most popular media companies since 2007 – a job I plan to continue as long as they keep paying me – I’m ridiculously excited about the launch of my new blog. How will it be different than my columns? Good question.


This is the real me: unbridled, uncensored, unsupervised, unplugged and unedited. This is me in entrepreneurial mode. Without constraints or barriers, I can cover a broader range of interests, explore new formats, take more risks and move more quickly. Not to spoil the fun but I should probably warn you: I’m likely to be more irreverent, raucous and entertaining, if that’s possible. There will definitely be more satire and less punctuation.

If you don’t notice the difference right off the bat, have a glass of wine or two and try again. In time, you’ll find the optimum mental state for enjoying the blog. Most importantly, let me know what you think or want to hear about. Ask me anything. I love hearing from readers and usually get around to responding sooner or later.

About the Site

Sure, I had a great career as a high-tech executive, but I quit the life more than a decade ago and, well, have you noticed the skyrocketing cost of everything lately? Nobody saw that coming, that’s for sure. Blogging is fun and all but I do have a job that pays the bills. Besides writing columns and books (hopefully plural), I’m a damned good management consultant and speaker – at least that’s what I hear. While I’d just as soon chill and write, if you need my services, I’m sure there are links in all the usual places.