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"Steve Tobak gets it right about leadership and all of its challenges." - Mark V. Hurd, CEO of Oracle

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Steve Tobak has been a trusted advisor to CEOs and business leaders for 25 years, first as a highly-successful senior executive in the technology industry and now as a Silicon Valley-based strategy consultant. He is passionate about solving complex problems, coming up with breakthrough ideas that deliver results and achieving enduring success for his clients.

Using proven methods that have helped countless executives and companies Tobak quickly identifies critical factors holding back business growth and leadership performance. He works with CEOs and their teams to determine necessary strategic, operational and organizational changes, then develops practical action plans that are uniquely tailored to deliver sustainable growth.

Engaging with leadership teams across the organization, Tobak brings insight and clarity to bear on their most critical issues, opportunities and decisions. His methods are flexible and scalable for clients big and small across all geographies and markets. And he has a proven track record of getting it right and delivering breakthrough results.

What separates Tobak from other strategic advisors and management consulting firms?

Experience, innovation and passion. As a top executive for several disruptive public companies and high-growth startups that achieved IPOs, innovation is in his DNA. He brings that and a passion for turning complex problems into success stories to his consulting practice. And when needed he can bring in experts who are just as experienced and passionate about their work as he is, not MBAs right out of school.

Truth and integrity. He doesn’t waste time or mince words. He doesn’t use management jargon or popular fads. He never lets the status quo or organizational dysfunction get in the way of finding the truth and coming up with innovative strategies and optimized plans for his clients. And he always tells them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Measurable results with no surprises. He doesn’t just help clients solve critical problems, make smart decisions, create lasting change and achieve breakthrough results – he does all that on time and on budget. He also uses a sliding billing scale and is willing to risk a portion of his fee in certain cases. In other words, his services are fair and reasonable for startups, small businesses and non-profits.

Don’t just take his word for it; read some of his clients' testimonials and results stories. And when you’re ready to take yourself, your leadership team and your company to the next level, book a free 30-minute consultation.

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Sooner or later every company plateaus – what worked before isn’t working anymore. Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks – congrats, you’re in good company. We can take you through a simple and straightforward process that determines exactly what needs to change and help you execute.
Companies have a lot of moving parts, and if they’re not properly aligned and operating smoothly, the whole machine suffers and that can dramatically limit growth. Sometimes it just takes a few adjustments here and there to solve the problem. We can quickly understand your operation and come up with the necessary changes to make everything work as it should.
When you hit a wall and growth isn’t coming as fast as you’d like, don’t make high-risk bets with your company and your career. We can help you figure out what isn’t working and fix it – probably much quicker than you think.
You can have groundbreaking products and services and still end up losing market share to competitors. Having run marketing and sales for several high-growth companies from startup to Fortune 1000, our expertise in positioning, marketing, branding and channel strategy is second to none.
Everyone needs a mentor. A coach. Someone to help smooth out those rough edges or get you through a rough patch. Someone who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Bill Gates had Warren Buffet. Steve Jobs had Andy Grove. Steve has coached, mentored and advised countless executives and business leaders at every stage in their careers.
Chances are you didn’t get to be the boss because of your organizational skills. The good news is we live for that stuff. We can quickly assess your organizational structure, your team’s skillsets and how they interact and provide the tweaks you need to become a smooth-running, high-performance leadership team.
Markets are elastic, so if you’re not growing at least as fast as the market, you’re losing market share and effectively shrinking. That’s never a good thing. We can identify points of friction and misalignment that are holding your company back and work with you to come up with the right plan to reignite growth. We can also help you execute if needed.
Young people need the right nutrients and environment to grow. It’s the same with companies. That’s called scalability. If you can’t scale, you can’t grow. We can quickly assess your processes, infrastructure, organization and other factors limiting your scalability and develop and implement a detailed optimization plan so the sky’s the limit.
Nobody is born knowing how to run a company. We all need perspective and guidance at times. We’ve been there. And we know all the problems and pitfalls that small businesses must overcome to become thriving companies. When you need advice to help bring your dreams to reality, don’t go it alone. We are as passionate about helping you succeed as you are about your own startup or small business.

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