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Paradoxical Truths That Will Blow Your Mind

Some of the most powerful life and business lessons are apparent paradoxes. I say “apparent” because once you learn to question popular dogma and look at things objectively, the paradoxes ultimately resolve into truths. I’m not making this up. It’s fundamental to how things work. It’s a yin and yang thing.[…] Read On

Snowflakes Reach New Level of Ludicrous

I was asked to attend a marketing conference in Vancouver, Canada. All expenses paid. Sounds cool, right? Just one hitch. It’s apparently a snowflake conference with a strict Code of Conduct. If you’re not “nice,” “kind,” “delightful” and “inclusive,” out you go. Same goes for off-color humor. And don’t even[…] Read On

Generation Guru: How to Sell Yourself and Your Soul on Social Media

Since man could talk, he’s been searching for ever-more creative ways to sell stuff that doesn’t work and, even if it did, nobody needs in the first place. Every generation has its own version of swindlers with their bill of goods for sale. The 1800s had snake oil salesmen. The 20th[…] Read On