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Act Your Age. Seriously

I bet you think aging is a slow and steady process. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Getting old can come on very suddenly. One minute you’re young and vibrant, the next you’re old and debilitated. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. And no, I’m not suffering from dementia.[…] Read On

Why We Fight

Described a marital fight to a friend today. “Why do you fight?” she said. That was the second time she’d asked me that question. My reaction both times was, Doesn’t everyone? You mean you guys don’t? What’s wrong with you? I didn’t say that out loud, but that’s what I[…] Read On

We Are All Human

Beneath our virtual façades of feel good fluff and phony personas we are all naked and flawed. We all love and hate. We all hope to laugh more than we cry. We all break and we don’t always mend. And our stories all begin and end exactly the same way.[…] Read On