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1984 Ain’t Got Nothing on 2020

From Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 to Idiocracy and Zombieland we’ve seen countless depictions of depressing dystopian futures. The greatest imaginations in history have told some horrific tales of what the world might someday become. They ain’t got nothing on 2020. You know how I’m always saying, “you just can’t make[…] Read On

How to Destroy a Nation

If you really wanted to take down the greatest country in the history of the world, this is how you’d do it: React to a contagion no deadlier than the flu by locking down the entire nation, ostensibly to flatten the growth curve. Flatten the growth curve. Keep the economy[…] Read On

2020: How About a Do-Over?

First, we literally shut down the U.S. economy for three months over a virus. Now that was a first. Then we had nationwide protests and rioting over a bad cop killing a guy for no apparent reason. As if that’s never happened before. However you look at it, history will[…] Read On