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It’s Alive!

Hey gang! Resting comfortably at home, day one post-foot surgery. Wondering what it looks like under the dressing and bandages. Well, not really but in a morbid sort of way like when you’re watching a really gruesome horror movie like Hellraiser and you don’t really want to look but you[…] Read On

Depression, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Don’t Just Happen to ‘Them’

There’s a cycle that anyone who has a chronic problem with drugs, alcohol, anxiety or depression knows all-too-well: 1) emotional low, 2) self-medication, 3) bad decision-making, 4) hangover/daylight, 5) emotional low. Rinse and repeat. Strangely enough emotional highs result in essentially the same cycle. The problem is this: The cycle[…] Read On