Now that Donald Trump has proven it can be done, everyone and his brother wants to be President, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to Oprah Winfrey and Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban.

I’d say this is getting a little ridiculous, but when I look at Washington and see blatant socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren eyeing the White House, I’m thinking a famous CEO might be just the ticket, no matter which ticket he or she runs on. The battle between socialists and capitalists is on.

Congressional hearings where lifelong politicians who’ve done nothing but suck society dry raking powerful chief executives over the coals has become blood sport on Capitol Hill. Just this week we saw the House and Senate tag-team Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan and former Equifax boss Richard Smith.

Nothing galls me more than to watch someone who worked his tail off for 30 or 40 years to reach the pinnacle of business achievement getting grilled by a political hack like Warren and her patented, “At best, you were incompetent. At worst, you were complicit. And either way you should be fired.” It’s nauseating.

Don’t get me wrong. As a columnist, when dysfunctional executives messed up or stepped out of line, I was always among the first to call them on it. I covered every major corporate scandal you can think of, and I always called them as I saw them, honestly and fairly. But that’s not what Congress does.

Today, politics is synonymous with grandstanding. Congressional leaders make a living by overreacting to corporate missteps, throwing red meat to the click-hungry media, working their base into a frenzy and passing ludicrous legislation that creates far more problems than it solves. And we get stuck with Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd Frank and Obamacare until the end of time.

If I sound angry, you’re damn right I am. I’m angry because that’s my initial response to fear. What am I afraid of?

When the great Trump experiment is over and voters are good and ready to swing the political pendulum back the other way, I’m afraid we’re going to end up with a Marxist in the White House – a true believer that capitalism is the devil and big government the savior. If that happens, mark my words: the business-unfriendly Obama Administration will start to look like the good ole days. That’s what I’m afraid of.

In any case, it’s beginning to look as if it’s going to be the capitalists versus the socialists. If it’s the latter, God help us.

Image credit JD Lasica and aphrodite-in-nyc via flickr

  • Danny

    We already have had a Marxist in the WH, Obama. He was Marxist through and through, and had no use for the Constitution unless it worked in his favor. His administration completely ignored the constitution and moved the ball of governing by fiat further down the field than any before him. That has laid the groundwork for the next Marxist POTUS to exceed everything Obama did. Thur progressively moving the ball down the field to complete Socialism. With the politicization of the DOJ and IRS, in addition to the Liberal Courts, they have all the weapons to make sure the Executive Orders substitute for law. DACA is a very good example. As I understand it, DACA is not even an EO. It is merely a memo written by Obama, that the deep state Immigration Department and even eGOP congress treats as law, and they are still treating it as law. The war between Capitalism and Socialism is well underway, and has been for come time. Most of the ignorant voting public does not really understand those terms nor the difference between the two. Most of the Trump supporters do, but the Reagan Democrats, union workers, and Soccer Moms, that voted for Trump are very fickle-minded and will vote for a Socialism in a heart beat, if they think they will get some pet benefit from the Government.
    The most amazing thing to me concerning this whole issue, is that so many business people are ready to throw Capitalism under the bus for the sake of their favorite social issues. They do not run their companies on principles of Socialism, but they appear to believe, even after seeing what Obama and the Dems did to the economy, world markets, and jobs, that somehow Socialism will produce the same, or better, results as Capitalism. Of course it never has, or will, but they obviously think they will get some kind of special treatment and benefit from a Socialist government, regardless of what happens to the country and economy. This is totally irrational and wrong headed thinking. But that is what the current colleges and universities are turning out these days, and their seems to be no limit to the number of business people who will drink the Kool-Aid. They eventually will all see the error of this thinking, but it will be too late by then.

    • Darren Ewers

      Obama was no Marxist he was a Liberal, Sanders is a true Socialist, after-all Obama made no plans to nationalise all the industries like Marx advocates.

  • Brent Thomas

    Agree. Very scary thought.

  • Danny

    You are right, he is a liberal. But don’t kid yourself, just because he could not do everything at one time, does not mean he is not a Marxist. They cannot do it all at once because it would be complete chaos in the streets. Instead you have to look at what principles and values were behind Obama and liberal actions. They know they have to do things incrementally for it to work. The frog in boiling water approach. All the steps toward redistribution of wealth, war on the coal industry, control of industries via regulation instead of legislation, picking companies for government funding – alternative energy, auto industry – shutting down as much of the oil and gas industry as possible, control of the health care industry and 1/6th of our economy as a step toward complete government control with a single payer system, gutting the military and support industries and denying it the capital needed to keep it a battle ready military force, and many other actions. Those are not democratic and capitalist principles. They have to effect government control, but within a quasi-free system. So it has to be a progressive effort. Compare our current national status on a macro basis to 10, 20, 30, … years ago, and the progression is without doubt. You are right again in that Sanders is a total socialist, complete with the mind set that wealth is ok for him (3 houses, living big) while never having a job other than politician, but not for the populace. The only difference has been that now the Liberals/Progressives think they can quit pretending to be something other than their true identity, Socialist/Marxist. But history shows who they are, and they only are fooling the ignorant public voters who really do not care what they are, as long as they get all their free stuff.