Ever wonder if you’re a born business leader. Ever think that success just might be in the cards for you? Me neither. But just for kicks, take this quick quiz and find out if maybe there’s a little Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in you. Hey, you never know.

Scoring is just below the quiz, so no cheating. The results are guaranteed to be accurate, but you have to answer each question honestly. Strictly no BSing allowed or it’ll skew the results. And you know what that means? That’s right: No soup for you.

The Success Quiz

1. Do you believe you’re destined for greatness? Tell the truth now.

2. Are you a good sport when you lose something that matters a lot to you?

3. Turn your head to the right, then to the left. Did you happen to see a giant chip on your shoulder?

4. Do you think emotional intelligence is at least as important as being smart?

5. Are you dysfunctional, neurotic, compulsive, or controlling?

6. Do you follow influential people on LinkedIn or Twitter?

7. Are you a crazed workaholic monkey obsessed with your work?

8. When you think there’s a better way but your boss (or someone in authority) says, “This is how we do things,” do you go along rather than risk pissing him off?

9. Do you love solving problems and puzzles?

10. Does rejection make you want to give up and crawl back to bed?

11. Do you feel like you have something to prove but have no idea to whom?

12. When you notice something wrong, do you figure that’s someone else’s problem?

13. Are you crazy competitive and think the special snowflake thing is just nuts?

14. Do you make bad choices that cause problems down the road?

15. Have you experienced adversity or trauma in your life?



For odd-numbered questions, give yourself 1 point for answering “yes” and 0 points for answering “no.”

For even-numbered questions, give yourself 1 point for answering “no” and 0 points for answering “yes.”


Interpretting the Results

If your total score was 0 to 3: You’re a good little penguin, just like all the others. You might want to focus on family, kids, coaching soccer, that sort of thing.

If your total score was 4 to 7: I’m sure you’re very good at your work, but don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone else to notice. I wouldn’t rule out owning a franchise, though.

If your total score was 8 to 11: You’re perfect for small business ownership or middle management – careful not to bang your head on the ceiling.

If your total score was 12 to 15: Guess what? You’re a born executive or business leader – a success story in the making. Please identify yourself in the comment section so we can follow your career.

Also, if you think we got you completely wrong, please make sure to provide a detailed comment – we love reading rants from delusional people.

Image Flickr Joi Ito