It’s Mother’s Day. I did all my wife’s chores and let her sleep in this morning. Does anyone ever do my chores on Father’s Day? Nope. I still have to do pool maintenance, weed whack, fertilize the fruit trees, yada yada.

We all have pet peeves: annoying things other people do that drive us nuts. I tried looking up the most common ones online but all I got was generic click-bait. That really ticks me off. So does this …

Bureaucrats. Weak, wimpy, small-minded, self-important people who try to cover up how fragile and fearful they are by trying to control others. You know who you are.

National [Fill in the blank] day, week, month. There is a National Chocolate Custard Day, National Garden Meditation Day, National Lumpy Rug Day, National Paranormal Day, and National Raspberry Popover Day … and those are all just for May 3rd. Who comes up with this dopey stuff?

Special snowflakes. You know, all the thin-skinned, entitled cupcakes who think that everyone else has to kowtow to every freakin’ thing that offends them. Stick this in your safe space.

Positive thinking Kool-Aid drinkers who need everything to be happy and inspiring or their utopian little world will come crashing down on their rosy little heads.

Political Correctness. Arrrgh …

Left lane drivers. Read my lips: the left lane is for passing, not parking. You don’t just plop yourself in the left lane and go the speed limit. Actually, slow drivers in general. Who taught these people to drive?

Missing part of a movie. The DVR is the greatest invention of all time. Thanks TiVo.

Lousy customer service. Is it too much to ask to simply get what you paid too much for without having to jump through a million hoops? Is it? Really? I’m talking to you, Blue Shield. Best Buy. Walgreens. Radio Shack. AT&T. DirecTV (ironic that AT&T acquired them).

Google. They really are evil. They’ll sell your soul for an ad dollar.

Cats that go where they’re not supposed to. Dealing with one of those right now. That’s actually what got me on this topic. Drives me absolutely bonkers.

Big government. Onerous regulation, taxation, and legislation that limits free market growth. Don’t even get me started on socialism.

Passive aggressive behavior. Why did God have to make so many cowards who are just too wimpy to tell you to your face that they disagree with you and have it out. No. That would be too scary. They smile and say, “Sure, no worries” to your face, then turn around and do exactly the opposite. Creeps.

Big dogs don’t live long enough. If they’re going to be our best friends, shouldn’t they live past 10? Sort of cruel, don’t you think?

Everything I do seems to annoy my wife. Seriously. I ask you, can one person really be that hard to live with? And if I am, why the hell did she marry me? It must be Karma. We both must have royally screwed up in another life. That’s got to be it.

I guess that’s plenty for now. So what annoys you? Noisy neighbors? Lying politicians? Ranty blog posts?