Q: Where can you find the nastiest, neediest and dumbest narcissists on Earth, all in one place? A: Twitter.

It’s common knowledge that Twitter users exhibit the worst human behavior imaginable that doesn’t involve a weapon. The anger, cruelty and vitriol is so pervasive and off the charts that, even though Twitter’s execs have vowed for years to clean it up, they haven’t even made a dent.

More than 200K people liked this sweet little tweet from America’s fav grandma, Sally Field:

And it goes without saying that people tweet for one reason and one reason only: to get attention. As National Review’s Kat Timpf observed in her characteristically cynical style, “I’ve always sarcastically said that the best thing about Twitter is that not only do you not get paid for your tweets, but you can also get fired for them. It really is one of the more idiotic ways to ruin a career …”

But aside from being the goto hangout for the planet’s nastiest and neediest narcissists, I’m beginning to think Twitter is also home to more morons than any other place on Earth. This was hands down my choice for the second dumbest tweet of last week …

… which could only be topped (or is it bottomed?) by this one:

And if you’re thinking Roseanne Barr deserves to be somewhere on that dumbest tweets list, you’re probably right. But the self-destructive comedian did tweet one thing last week that made sense. “I apologize,” she wrote, “I am now leaving Twitter.” She may be onto something.

Image Alex Proimos via Flickr