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The Gender Pay Gap Is a Myth

Every year around this time we’re treated to the same eyeball catching headlines about the stubborn persistence of the gender pay gap. The Obama White House had an entire website decrying how “women are still paid less than men,” 77 cents on every dollar, according to the Census Bureau. Indeed,[…] Read On

March Equinox Brings Media Madness. Coincidence?

It’s the first day of Spring. How do you feel? I feel cold, damp and tired. Cold because it’s cold. Damp because it’s raining. And tired because it always takes me a while to get used to the daylight saving time change. Why can’t they just leave time alone? In[…] Read On

The Myth of ‘Make the World a Better Place’

I bet a lot of people watching CNBC yesterday cringed when virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier referenced the anti-vaccine movement that led to a resurgence in potentially deadly childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough. “Think about parents who worry about vaccines,” said Lanier. “I think vaccines are marvelous technology,[…] Read On