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Regret: The Most Preventable Cause of Misery and Depression

When you have an important decision to make, ask yourself, “Will I come to regret this later?” It could be about your career, business, finances, relationships … whatever. It cuts across pretty much everything. As long as you’re honest with yourself, answering that question can help you make the right choice[…] Read On

If You’re Not Facing Reality, You’re Engaging in Fantasy

We’re supposed to learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future. At least that’s the theory. But we all know that’s not really how it works in practice. We’re becoming more indoctrinated by common dogma and myths and learning less about history and science. We’re[…] Read On

When One Door Closes, Another Opens … Sort Of

“When one door closes, fortune will usually open another.” Usually attributed to Alexander Graham Bell, that quote was actually said by Fernando de Rojas, famed author of La Celestina around the time of the Spanish Renaissance, c. 1500 ish (I found it in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations). It represents one of[…] Read On

Meg Whitman Blasts Christie, Trump — Pot Calls Kettle Black

If former N.J. governor Christine Todd Whitman married current N.J. governor Chris Christie, they’d both be named Chris Christie. Meanwhile, if Whitman married HP chairman Meg Whitman, neither would have to change her name. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences. Well, this is awkward. Both Whitmans have condemned Christie’s surprise[…] Read On

‘Do What You Love’ Can Lead to Spectacularly Dumb Decisions

In a culture where everyone’s too distracted to remember more than a sound bite or a quote, everything gets taken out of context. Lost are those all-important assumptions, nuances, caveats, and tradeoffs that make all the difference when it comes to decision-making. Take “do what you love” and the essentially[…] Read On

The Problem With Socialism, Entitlements & Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders may be way older than I am, but that aside, we grew up under strikingly similar circumstances: no frills working class families in small rent-controlled Brooklyn apartments. And yet, the guy’s a raging socialist while I’m so fiscally conservative it’s a miracle that the Silicon Valley elite still put up with[…] Read On