If former N.J. governor Christine Todd Whitman married current N.J. governor Chris Christie, they’d both be named Chris Christie. Meanwhile, if Whitman married HP chairman Meg Whitman, neither would have to change her name. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences.

Well, this is awkward. Both Whitmans have condemned Christie’s surprise endorsement of Donald Trump for president.

Todd Whitman, a republican, said she’d vote for Hilary Clinton over the Donald.

Meg Whitman, who was co-finance chairman of Christie’s failed presidential campaign, called the move “an astonishing display of political opportunism.” She also said Trump is “unfit to be President” and “a dishonest demagogue” who “would take America on a dangerous journey.” Then she told Christie’s donors to reject him and Trump.

Speaking of “opportunism,” “unfit,” and a “dangerous journey” …

Whitman joined HP’s board on the Leo Apotheker ticket. You remember Apotheker, the CEO who had been fired by SAP, was hired by HP without being interviewed by more than half the board’s directors, and came very close to single-handedly destroying the company in just 11 months.

And HP’s board, which included Whitman, rubber-stamped every decision Apotheker made.

After ousting hapless Leo, the famously dysfunctional board, that legendary Silicon Valley VC Tom Perkins called “the worst board in the history of business,” took all of 48 hours before asking Whitman to become HP’s new head honcho. I guess they couldn’t be bothered with a little thing like a CEO search.

Meanwhile Whitman, who had spent $140 million of her own money on a failed bid to be governor of California, knew a sweet gig when she saw one and apparently said, “Sure, why not?”

Instead of a turnaround, Whitman turned HP into a bloodbath, presiding over four straight years of revenue declines, nearly $20 billion in write-offs, and a staggering 85,000 announced layoffs. Then she broke up the company – a politically expedient tactic to mollify Wall Street so she could keep her gig – and somehow managed to end up with two jobs in the process: chairman of HP Inc. and CEO of HP Enterprise.

“Opportunist,” “unfit,” and a “dangerous journey” indeed. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I call for all Christie donors and supporters to reject Whitman outright. She has no business advising anyone on anything that matters, IMO.