Twelve-hour workday. Feed the dogs. Chicken tacos with black beans and guac (for us, not the dogs). Hornitos margaritas. Marvell’s Agents of Shield and iZombie on TV. Typical Tuesday at the Tobaks. And we are happy campers.

In a world full of popular pretentious fanatical phonies — vegans who brag about how much they make, how little they work, how they don’t drink, and how they never ever watch TV — I have one thing to say: This is how iRoll.

I don’t get up early, plan my day, set goals, make lists, network, write a journal, read business books or blogs, take naps, live on social media, or do daily affirmations. My office looks like it’s been hit by a tornado, I don’t give a rat’s ass about personal productivity, and I have no daily habits — at least none that anyone else should follow.

Be brave. Be genuine. Be real. Have the courage to fly in the face of cultural norms and roll your own way.

How do you roll?