Does there seem to be more stupidity on display now than ever before? It isn’t you. I’m hearing that from practically everyone I know. And I think I’ve figured out why.

Our culture used to be ashamed of displaying our stupidity. We sort of kept it on the down low. Not anymore. Now we’re proud of it. Revel in it. We parade our stupidity around like it’s the best thing since Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine crusade.

Did you happen to catch Hillary Clinton’s sensationally stupid remarks from India last week? She characterized the American heartland – Trump voters – as being unhappy that blacks have rights and women have jobs. She also suggested that white women who voted for Trump were pressured by their husbands, sons and bosses.

Can you imagine anyone seriously suggesting anything so stupid in this day and age? Hard to believe that Clinton was almost President. And that’s not even the half of it. How can anyone possibly think that it benefits her and her party to spew such nonsense?

Meanwhile, the dems are running as far away from Clinton as they can get. If they could have sat her in that Tesla that Elon Musk shot into space a few weeks ago I’m sure they would have.

It’s worth pointing out that my wife wears the political pants in our family. No kidding.

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In case you missed some of the stupendously stupid comments by the progressive media on President Trump’s appointment of CNBC’s Larry Kudlow as his top economic advisor, Paul Krugman, chief economic elitist at the NY Times tweeted this:

Always a class act, William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, replied, “How does a Nobel Laureate tweet such stupidity? Can I ask for a recount?” Afraid not Bill. Afraid not.

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Meanwhile Ezra Klein, editor-at-large of Vox and Washington Post alum tweeted this:

Just so you know, Kudlow is an economist who worked with the great Art Laffer on President Reagan’s economic policy. He also worked on President Trump’s tax plan. He doesn’t just play an economist on TV. He is an economist.

And these people wonder why the nation swung the other way in 2016. How stupid can you get?