This may come as a real shock but I don’t just hang around the house dreaming up intriguing stuff to blog about and send my sainted wife out to work three jobs so we can somehow afford to live here in the ludicrously overpriced paradise that is Silicon Valley. Even I’m not that mean.

Nope. Blogging daily with no ads, no spam and no pay for PR – which I assume you, loyal readers, truly appreciate – has a flip-side; I still have to work for a living. And since the high-priced male escort thing didn’t work out I became a management consultant at a little Silicon Valley-based LLC I founded 15 years ago.

What exactly does a management consultant do? As a senior executive fighting it out in the tech trenches for many years I became something of an expert on how to solve just about any problem anyone who runs a team, a business or a company might run into.

That’s what I do. Think company, business, team or career problem solver. If it’s not meeting expectations – if the performance and growth isn’t what it should be – I can identify what’s wrong and fix it. I’ve advised startup founders, VC firms, small business owners and CEOs of public companies. I’ve pretty much done it all.

As you might expect I am very good at what I do (shameless self-promotion), my fees are reasonable (at least I think so), I use a sliding scale for smaller firms and individuals, and I have on occasion waived a portion of my fee in exchange for equity. You can’t get much more flexible than that.

Whether you just discovered me or have been following my commentary for many years, I’d like to extend this offer: If you turn me onto a real consulting opportunity, I will return the favor by advising you pro bono. Not forever, mind you, but when you need it, I’ll answer the call. And I will be eternally grateful regardless.

Refer me any way you like. You can contact me by clicking here, share my consulting page, share this post – whatever floats your boat. I always ask people how they found me, so if there’s a connection back to you, I’ll find out. Just so you know I am global, having done business in dozens of countries around the world.

I’m also honored to be associated with Blue Dots Partners, a group of highly accomplished former senior executives and venture capitalists who have developed a proprietary methodology for unleashing business growth through internal and external alignments. So I’ve got a bunch of heavy hitters behind me, which is nice.

Thanks for listening and, most important, for the opportunity to advise and entertain you. Even though it doesn’t pay the bills, the pleasure is truly mine. I mean that.