I was working on a post for today — my take on the leaked Google TGIF meeting where the search giant’s execs are seen melting down over the 2016 election results — when I found out that I need foot surgery to remove two fractured sesamoid (not sesame, sesamoid) bones that will not heal. In case you don’t know (I sure didn’t) those are tiny pea-sized bones that grow inside tendons beneath your big toe joint.

The problem is I really like my feet. I mean, not in a weird fetish kind of way — I just use them for all sorts of things I love to do like running, hiking, walking, you know, little stuff like that. And I like the bones in my feet just the way they are, although I’m assured that these must come out. In the words of my foot surgeon, “Steve, your foot is a mess.” He also said “no rush,” so I can delay the procedure until winter, which I will likely do.

In the mean time I’m going to drink, obsess over sesamoidectomy surgery and watch Monday night football tonight and you’ll get the Google post tomorrow.

Also everyone should wish Bobby (one of this blog’s faithful readers and a very cool dude) godspeed — he’s home recovering from successful open heart surgery. Which makes me feel sort of silly worrying about my stupid foot, but you know, there’s neurotic, then there’s me.

Image credit Kristine via Flickr