I am devoid of thought. Feelings, I’ve got none.

It’s the rain. It makes me feel dead inside.

Guess I’m one of those people who could never live in Seattle. Actually that’s a myth. The average annual rainfall in Seattle is 37 1/2 inches. Here in the Bay Area’s Santa Cruz Mountains we typically get more than that in just three months.

Hell, we just broke 10 inches for the first half of January. And two years ago we got 95 inches during the rainy season.

Bottom line, it’s a rough time for me. [sigh]

I know, I know. We complain when it rains. We complain when it doesn’t rain. There’s just no satisfying Californians.

Still, I did manage to get a couple of things accomplished today. Mailed my quarterly estimated tax check to the IRS. Had lunch with a new client. Renewed my driver’s license at the DMV. Talk about depressing. How can anyone actually work in that place without going batshit crazy.

Now here I am, sitting in front of the fire in my office, writing and yawning. I think I’ve yawned like 10 times since I sat down to write. Make that 11.

According to the forecast we’ve got two more days of solid rain this week. Just as well (12). I’m in week five of post-surgery foot purgatory so I can’t really do much anyway. I mean, I can get around (13), but I can’t do anything fun like trail run or chase that family of bobcats that showed up right outside my office yesterday.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got a small cat or some other critter you’d like to get rid of feel free to drop it off here – it’ll be gone by morning. (14 – hey, that was a big one.)

Well, it’s 4:30. Time to post this, get some more tea and see if I can get a little work done before dinnertime. (15 – wait, false alarm. Hate those.) Wish me luck.

By the way, if reading this brought on a yawning spree be sure to let us know. Maybe we’ve discovered something. You never know. (15 — there it is.)

P.S. I know this post sucked. What can I say; it’s all I’ve got. (16.) [sigh]

P.P.S. Actually yawned four more times while posting this.