Now that the stock market has soared like a gazillion points and officially mocked my foolish attempts at hedging against a market collapse I’m thinking it’s safe to return to my natural pre-viral state of cynical mockery.

Some people are doing some very good work to lighten the mood in America, as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi’s new earrings:

Look. I don’t expect everyone to share my sardonic sense of humor. Except of course Bob M., the guy who sends me videos like this one, all of which I’m sure come out of Austin, Texas, mind you. Evil place, that Austin. Folks actually have a SENSE OF HUMOR there. Horrible.

I’m particularly annoyed by the continuing politicization of the coronavirus pandemic among politicians (of course) and the media. Can’t you people just do your freaking jobs and put your selfish need for eyeballs, clicks and attention aside for just one freaking second while the world is trying to fix a monumental mess?

I can see that’s not going to work. Let’s try this another way.

We’ve all had a few weeks home alone with our loved ones or whatever so let me ask you a question: Has it helped you gain any perspective? Has it occurred to you that most of the negativity in your life comes from a handful of sources, i.e. politicians, news media and social media?

I mean, why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Honestly I can’t figure it out.

And please, don’t ask me why I do it. I don’t. It’s the wife that has the news on all the time. I’m into silence when I work, which is most of the time, and music when I don’t. And I use social media to promote stuff, not the other way around.

Whatever. I have no need for cable news or social media. Friends and family. A sense of humor. Espresso in the morning, booze at night, food in the middle. That’s all I need. And sports. Sports would be nice. I’m really missing baseball right about now. [Sigh]

Aw, screw it. I’m going to have another drink and watch Stumptown. Night night.

Image credit WCN 24/7 / Flickr