In case you’re wondering why I’m suddenly steering clear of the elephant in the room — the violence, the anarchy, the culture war that’s tearing our nation apart — it’s simple, really.

I can’t watch the news anymore. My bullshit breaker blew. Seriously.

I guess after the coronavirus lockdown nonsense and CEOs of major corporations supporting riots, vandalism and murder by lawless activists in the name of BLM, it was just too much.

Besides, I’ve been warning of this sort of thing for years, as most of you know. When you reach this level of sensational stupidity, I mean, what can you do but throw up your hands and drink heavily.

I’ve been shaking my head so much lately it’s starting to detach from my neck. I just can’t do it anymore. The topic holds no interest for me. The culture war is officially boring.

Look at it this way. Those on the side of this riotous temper tantrum sweeping the nation, especially cowardly politicians instructing police to stand down while businesses burn and people die, don’t deserve our time and attention.

We all know it’s sick and stupid. We all know it’s political. We all know it’s uncivilized. And we all know what to do about it — take care of our friends and families today and vote with our hearts and minds in November.

So excuse me if I take a little break from all this ludicrous nonsense for a while. In the meantime stay well, stay safe, and you know what? Maybe keep a little added protection at home, and I don’t mean condoms.

Image credit Derek Simeone / Flickr