I’m inspired. Today, I got a haircut. It never felt so good.

Never mind how pathetic that sounds. It’s something a lot of us are feeling lately.

Never mind that my haircut had to take place out in the parking lot and the business owner and all her stylists can’t come close to making ends meet under oppressive and onerous government restrictions.

Never mind that this political drama took place in a county of 273,000 with a grand total of six, count ’em six, covid-19 related deaths. Since the beginning. That’s just insane.

Look. I don’t know if Gavin Newsom gets off on power and control or has a deep psychological problem with hair stylists. And I really don’t care.

All I do know is that the spirit of American entrepreneurialism and free enterprise is alive and well and ready to fight for the right to get back to work and do business in America.

That’s why I’m so inspired today.

It never felt so good to get a haircut and share stories of the heavy-handed and wrong-headed tactics being employed by political leaders and their henchmen. They say it’s all in the name of science. More like pseudoscience if you ask me.

Speaking of which, getting safely back to work is not rocket science. With some relatively minor modifications and some added shift scheduling, virtually any business or school should be able to reopen safely according to legitimate medical guidelines.

These continued lockdowns are nothing but ludicrous and unscrupulous political tactics. The lawsuits ought to be flying.

Just keep one thing in mind. If we don’t all fight in every way we can for the freedoms granted us by the U.S. Constitution, we will lose them. And if we do lose them, it means we never deserved them in the first place. We simply can’t let that happen.

Image credit Chuck Patch / Flickr