Trump gets coronavirus a month before the election. He will have to quarantine for at least two weeks. Meaning no campaigning.

The left must feel vindicated in so many ways. We all know what happens next. Cue the mask nazi Twitter trolls and #nevertrump cable told-you-sos. Instant Karma to the max.

To be fair, many of the President’s supporters will probably see this as the latest in a long string of unforced errors over the past four years. Maybe the biggest and most impactful, and not in a good way.

On the other hand the guy’s a freak of nature. His stamina is off the charts. Not just for his age. For any age. The dude’s tireless. On 24×7. A walking, talking, tweeting inspiration. Like a giant orange energizer bunny.

If anyone can counterpunch this virus, Trump can. And when he does I bet it’ll really fire up his base. Sort of like a martyr would, except without having to die.

The thing is, Trump being out and about, fearlessly running the nation and campaigning, with or without a mask — saying that we can’t hide in our basements and stay locked down forever — then coming down with the virus and hopefully coming through with flying colors is a real-life, human metaphor for how this nation should have handled this pandemic.

Speaking of which, here’s wishing Trump, Melania, Hope Hicks and everyone else associated with this outbreak a speedy recovery. I mean, we all feel that way, right? Right?

Image credit FolsomNatural / Flickr