Now that we’re a year into this Covid isolation nightmare, I’m wondering if the pandemic and the lockdowns have changed your lives in the same ways they’ve changed mine. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

Is it just me or …

Does everyone eat like a starving dog when no one else is around to witness the disgusting carnage?

Do you actually miss the 9 to 5 work routine you used to hate?

Are cardboard cutout stadium fans like super creepy?

Is everyone still on the same can of deodorant since last April?

Do you rotate three shirts to wear over your pjs for Zoom video calls?

Are DIY projects taking over your life?

Is your dog getting annoyed that you’re around so much?

Are you kicking yourself for not moving to no-lockdown Florida when you had the chance?

Do guys have the same black mask you got when the virus hit but women have like 10 in every color?

Are hangovers the new normal?

Once this is all over — and it will be over — Covid will be the new c-word. It shall henceforth be nameless, at least in my lexicon.

Image credit AP