I’ll never get that image of all those masked lemmings fleeing for their lives out of my head.

ICYMI, thousands of kids at Brooklyn Tech and other prestigious New York City high schools fled their classrooms yesterday. Why? They felt unsafe.

The snowflakes weren’t fleeing from those who offended them with opposing viewpoints or by using the wrong pronoun. Not this time. This time they fled in fear of omicron.

And why not? After all, there’s one helluva pattern going on here. All you have to do is open your eyes to see it. And what you’ll see is fear. Lots and lots of fear.

We locked down entire public school systems and many of them are locked down again today amidst teacher strikes and walkouts.

It’s been almost two years and many corporations, including the biggest tech companies on earth, still haven’t returned to work.

Employees are quitting their jobs in record numbers in the Great Resignation. That and onerous vaccine and testing mandates have caused critical worker shortages leading to empty grocery shelves, thousands of cancelled flights and countless postponed medical procedures.

Today there are 11 million job openings in the U.S.

Now students are walking out. Never mind that school, even the crowded ones in Brooklyn (I should know), is probably the safest place for them to be.

Not that any of that matters. Omicron, aka nature’s vaccine, is so contagious that we’re all going to be exposed to it before long. At least that’s what the actual experts say. But that’s neither here nor there in a society dominated by fear and lies by everyone with a virtual megaphone.

The fact checkers say there’s no such thing as Mass Formation Psychosis, proposed by Dr. Robert Malone, whose landmark research on mRNA technology led to most of today’s covid vaccines.

Okay, fine. Let’s just call it runaway confirmation bias then and call it a day.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s been fueled by the fearmongering media, power-hungry politicians and unscrupulous health bureaucrats, and amplified by Big Tech’s pervasive social media echo chamber.

Work. School. Travel. Goods. Services. Supply chain. Productivity. Inflation. Violence. You’d have to be willfully blind to not see what’s going on: Society is unravelling at a rapid rate. And none of it is caused by the pandemic, but by our obsessive overreaction to it. By fear and lies.

The irony is, everyone should be tickled silly that omicron has become the dominant variant. It’s remarkably contagious with generally mild cold-like symptoms. Only the vulnerable with comorbidities need be concerned, and for them there are vaccines and therapeutics.

And yet the fearmongering continues at a fever pitch and the sheeple are more afraid than ever.

Screw the fact checkers. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Mass formation psychosis. Runaway confirmation bias. Take your pick. It’s all the same. And yes, it is real.

Image credit James Cridland / Flickr