It finally got me. Yes it did. I’m not the only one who said that we’re all gonna get omicron no matter what and we were probably right. So was Sweden.

Woke up feeling like shit after a sleepless night a few days ago and tested positive. Kim is now the somm at a big Silly Valley restaurant, so she probably got it at work and brought it home. Nice of her to share. At least that’s the working theory.

In any case she’s asymptomatic. It hit me pretty hard, probably cause I’d been fighting a sinus infection for a week which taxed my immune system, yada yada. Whatever. I’ll live.

It really annoys me when those who get a bad case of covid tweet that #ItsStillHere and screech that everyone needs to mask up, distance and all that hysterical nonsense. All the data shows that omicron is generally mild and there’s nothing to fear unless you’re immunocompromised. Even so, between vaccines, natural immunity and a wide range of therapeutics there are plenty of tools at our disposal. Take your pick.

FYI virtually all of the symptoms are due to inflammation — the body’s way of fighting viral infection, among other things — so I’ve been taking 800 mg ibuprofens I keep on hand for my many orthopedic mishaps and that relieves about 90% of the symptoms so all is well.

I’m also doing Paxlovid as a precaution. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get that lovely metallic taste I’ve found that lemon does an okay job of neutralizing it.

On a more serious note here’s an awesome video of LA County and USC Medical Center officials ridiculing all the media hysteria over covid, saying “A lot of people have bad colds, is what we’re seeing,” “we have no one in the hospital who had pulmonary disease due to COVID,” etc.

This as LA County brings back the dreaded mask mandate and other Cali counties are sure to follow. Hard to believe that unelected bureaucrats and power hungry politicians get to make these calls in what used to be the land of the free. Whatever. This is still the home of the brave. People need to wake up, quit reading the media’s fear-porn, grow a pair and fight the tyranny. That’s all there is to it.

One last thing: F* covid, f* the media and f* the politicians and bureaucrats. They’re not gonna change how I live my life. End of story.