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Takeaways From Elon Musk’s ‘Excruciating’ Year in Tesla Hell

“In the interview on Thursday, Mr. Musk alternated between laughter and tears.” – New York Times If you got anything from the New York Times’ revealing interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it’s that the billionaire entrepreneur is completely miserable. The man is stressed out, sleep deprived, paranoid that short-sellers[…] Read On

Everyone Take a Deep Breath: Trump Will Not ‘Ban’ German Cars

When a publication – any publication from anywhere in the world – even hints at something controversial out of President Trump’s mouth, it becomes headline news from every media outlet on Earth. Oftentimes it’s fake headline news. Yesterday, Germany’s WirtschaftsWoche ran the following story, “Trump Wants to Block Daimler From the[…] Read On

Tesla’s Board Should Seriously Consider Life After Elon Musk

Nobody likes an angry showman. When investors need a distraction from disastrous earnings, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is usually a master at coming up with some shiny new object for them to focus on. That did not happen on Wednesday’s earnings call. Musk told investors — the folks who actually[…] Read On