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The News Sucks

A lot of people I meet say they’re news junkies. It makes me wonder if maybe they were dropped on their heads when they were little. Obviously that’s unlikely; it hardly seems plausible for so many parents and caretakers to have slippery hands and whatnot. But still.    I hate[…] Read On

Hyperbole Is the New Normal

In a society bombarded by unlimited content, endless entertainment and 24×7 news, it’s no wonder that hyperbole sells. The question is, who’s buying it? Hyperbole is the only way to get above the noise and differentiate – at least that’s what everyone with zero creativity and talent thinks. Since they[…] Read On

When Is a Blacklist Not a Blacklist?

Reading about the decidedly negative unintended consequences that inevitably result from well-intentioned legislators and regulators (excellent piece btw, hat tip to Bob M), I got to thinking about intended consequences of not-so-well-intentioned actors. The article was about the impact of government imposing its will on society, but in the age[…] Read On