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How Will History Judge Trump Derangement Syndrome?

After Election Day 2016 it was #NotMyPresident. Then came #Resist, #NeverTrump, #RussianCollusion, #MuellerReport and #Impeachment. Now it’s #RejectTheCoverup and #Impeached4Life. I’m sure I’ve missed a few hundred hashtags in between. Is anyone else sensing a trend? You know how doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different[…] Read On

Iowa’s Raucous Caucus

And everyone wonders why I’m nervous about self-driving cars. An app that was never tested at scale and nobody was taught to use failed spectacularly. Panic-stricken party officials running around with their hair on fire as phone lines are flooded with calls from reporting precincts. Candidates declaring victory with no[…] Read On