Everyday I see kids walking around outside with masks on. It makes me sick to my stomach.

It’s unconscionable what parents, teachers, teachers’ unions, school boards, administrators and politicians all over the nation are doing to our children.

These kids are at a far greater risk of dying from the flu than from Covid, according to analysis of CDC data. And yet, they’ve lost more than a year of their lives — schooling, friendships, sports — for no apparent reason.

The fear mongering is off the charts. How do we ever as a society reconcile what we’ve done without acknowledging how incredibly wrong it is?

There’s just no getting around it. The data — the coveted science the bureaucrats rave so passionately about — simply does not support the lockdowns and mandates.

I have yet to see a valid scientific study that proves that lockdowns, mask mandates or any other draconian measures have a material impact on Covid mortality outcomes. That goes for kids and adults, but I’m particularly dubious of the kids part.

The worst part about it is the way we dutifully comply — willingly give up our freedom — like mindless lemmings.

What we’ve done this past year will leave a permanent scar on the youth of America, but my hope is that it motivates them to value freedom like never before.

Freedom is truly the most precious thing we have. Without freedom, life is not worth living.

Image credit Daniele Marzocchi / Flickr