Some guy started following me on Twitter today. He has more than three million followers. I was intrigued; what’s so special about this guy’s tweets to have all those followers? So I picked a random day and was rewarded with this:

… this:

… and this:

The day before, he tweeted, “Collectively, the USA has around 200 trillion in assets, and around 50 trillion in debt … “

Actually it’s $270 trillion in assets and $146 trillion in debt. Close.

Guess what this young man does for a living. Come on, give it a shot. I’ll wait …

Ready for the big reveal? He gets celebrities and companies more followers by managing their social media — presumably with inspiring, insightful, accurate witticisms like those on his own feed.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

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The sad thing? It actually appears to work. More proof that Idiocracy is already here, and way ahead of schedule. Now I’m really depressed. Going inside to make a tuna melt. Catch ya’ll tomorrow.

Image credit Mait Juriado via Flickr