In these enlightened times (note the italics) it’s remarkably strange how superstitious we are. I’m no history prof but I’m pretty sure we’d give medieval times a run for their money.

How are bloodletting leaches any crazier than colon cleanses? I mean, have you heard what people shove up their butts these days???

Want more evidence of our bizarre superstitious nature? Here you go, off the top of my head:

We still say God bless you and gesundheit when someone sneezes.

Who needs deepfakes when we already believe pretty much everything we see online?

What’s your favorite conspiracy theory? I mean, everyone’s got at least five or ten, right?

We believe every word on how to be healthy that comes out of the mouths of a famous celebrities like Suzanne Somers, Oprah and Jenny McCarthy.

Vegans and vegetarians are slowly killing themselves because they’re not getting the amino acids their bodies needs to survive. But they’re somehow healthier as a result.

We buy products and develop routines to rid our bodies of toxins that absolutely, positively do not exist.

We have serious issues about the clothes we wear on game day, walking under ladders and the number 13.

We spend ludicrous amounts on homeopathic medicines, vitamins, supplements and all sorts of miracle remedies that don’t do a damn thing. Don’t even get me started on colon cleansing.

We think vaccines that literally save millions of lives a year are bad. Granted, that’s the minority, but still.

We worship – and when I say worship I literally mean worship – complete frauds that get rich off our gullibility and stupidity.

You’ve got to admit, we’re not nearly as civilized as we think we are, now are we?