This is a pop-up quiz. Don’t like quiz’s? Tough. You’ll like this one. Promise.

See if you can figure out what’s wrong with this ad for Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion and Belonging, Harvard University (hints highlighted in yellow, quiz at the end):

Quiz (choose all correct answers):

The Harvard ad reveals …

1. Why colleges produce snowflakes instead of mature adults

2. How ludicrous identity politics has become

3. The crushing bureaucracy of diversity and inclusion

4. That colleges indoctrinate students into progressive ideology


Give yourself one point for each answer you chose up to a total of four points.

If you scored four points, congrats, you get it. You’re a keeper. Harvard’s got nothing on you.

If you scored three points, ooh, so close. I’m guessing you’re perpetually one step away from the finish line.

If you scored two points, there is hope for you but act soon, supplies are limited and time is running out.

If you scored one point, you get to stick around but you’d better start paying more attention.

If you scored zero points, you should apply for the job. Seriously.

Image credit Thomas Hawk / Flickr