The left-wing loons lit up Twitter last night, claiming that FOXBusiness anchor Trish Regan said the coronavirus is a scam to impeach President Trump. Oh yes they did. And all the cancel culturists were losing their minds over it.

Of course, that’s NOT what Regan said. She didn’t say the virus is a scam, but that blaming the coronavirus and market selloff on President Trump, as the left has been doing, is a scam.

If you watch the clip (below) and possess enough brain power to dress yourself in the morning, you know exactly what she meant. Unless of course you’re already infected – with Trump Derangement Syndrome, that is. That must be it.

Not that TDS is an excuse for being a left-wing tool, spreading misinformation and stoking panic for no reason. It’s not. It’s not an excuse for bad behavior period. But it does explain a lot.

It explains how a mass delusion like this could take place. How countless people watching the same video clip could arrive at exactly the same batshit crazy and obviously erroneous conclusion.

Unless -- now here's a crazy notion -- unless nobody watched the clip at all. And everybody simply accepted the headlines that all somehow repeated the same fake news, that “Fox Business’ Trish Regan says coronavirus is a ‘scam’ to ‘impeach the President.’”

In other words, this was all just confirmation bias by way of Trump Derangement Syndrome. All made possible, of course, by America's echo-chamber, Twitter.

Come to think of it, the same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when the president said essentially the same thing as Regan, prompting the same sort of “Trump Calls Coronavirus a Hoax” headlines.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it, folks: Twitter does not bring out the best in us. A big step backward for the human race.