If you say you want schools and businesses to open and don’t qualify it by adding the ubiquitous word “safely,” you’re deemed insensitive and accused of putting convenience and money ahead of children’s and other’s health.

Here’s the thing. If you waited until it was “safe” to do everything you’d never do anything because nothing in life is safe. You can die driving home from work, taking a shower or giving birth.

Life is not safe. That’s precisely what’s so awsome about it.

Life is not worth living if you put safety ahead of everything.

The “open safely” caveat is two things:

One, it’s virtue signaling so you don’t get trashed or canceled on Twitter.

Two, the term is so subjective and amorphous that you can keep moving the goal post and avoid accountability.

Saying you want to do anything safely is like shooting darts at jello.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a pandemic denier. We all understand the protocols of distancing, ventilation and all that. Trust me when I tell you, schools and business already have all that covered.

Being smart in a pandemic isn’t rocket science, folks. Every school and business has every incentive to take reasonable precautions.

I admit to using the term “safely” myself. Never again. Now that I see how it’s being selfishly used by everyone from the media and elites to teacher’s unions and power hungry politicians, that ship has sailed.

Notice how those people haven’t lost a job or a paycheck due to the pandemic. Nice to set those amorphous goals for us working stiffs when your words and actions don’t affect you.

Also note how politicians and unions are still using the term to keep public schools and businesses closed, when private schools and certain businesses have operated “safely” for months. There is no difference. Just extortion.

Never mind what their selfish behavior is doing to the nation’s students, families and small businesses. It’s nauseating.

Open safely is just another way for the nanny state to control our lives and enrich theirs while sounding virtuous. Considering the circumstances, it’s the worst kind of selfish hypocrisy imaginable.

Image credit tehshadowbat / Flickr