As kids we all wish for the day we no longer have to live under the tyrannical rule of our parents and teachers.

As adults we all wish for the day we no longer have to live under the tyrannical rule of our bosses.

When that day finally comes — when we finally get what we spent our whole lives wishing and working for — big government tyranny rears its ugly head with needless draconian lockdowns and mandates, all in the name of public safety.

Soon Big Brother will force us to give up our gas-powered cars, stoves, grills and furnaces; our meat; our oil-based paints and stains; and maybe the bulk of our earnings and wealth to pay for their dystopian agenda.

Here’s the thing. We did not come all this way to be led around like lemmings by power-hungry politicians and tyrannical bureaucrats that just want to make the rules so they don’t have to follow them.

We’ve always heard that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now we’ve seen it for ourselves. We’ve lived it. And I for one am not going to live it again.

We must rise up and fight for our freedom from government tyranny.

We must never forget what happened during the pandemic, and we must never allow it to happen to us again. The very notion that the draconian measures of the past two years were both unnecessary and yet legal should terrify us all.

We must elect candidates that put our constitutional rights and personal freedoms first.

We must pass federal and state laws that limit the emergency powers of our elected leaders and non-elected officials.

And above all, we must never forget.

Image credit Brett Davis / Flickr