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Marvel’s Stan Lee Taught Us the Power of Being Human

I was a superhero junky growing up. I wasn’t partial to Marvel or DC Comics but there has always been a distinct difference between the two: Marvel’s writing was more personal, its characters more real. Accessible. Lovable. Hateable too. In a word, Marvel’s superheroes were more human. That was comic[…] Read On

Why Do We Insist on Making Everything So Complicated?

When someone answers a “why” question with “it’s complicated,” it’s a safe bet that it isn’t. You would think pretty much everyone’s heard the “keep it simple” or “less is more” message by now. The question is, why do we insist on making everything so damned complicated? We’re forever assigning[…] Read On

Our Obsession With Bullying Is Not Helping the Cause

Our culture is obsessed with bullying. Bullying in school. Bullying in sports. Bullying in entertainment. Bullying in the workplace. That’s all well and good when the term has a clear definition and is identified correctly. The problem is, that’s rarely the case, especially in business. And I’m not sure if[…] Read On