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Why We Fight

Described a marital fight to a friend today. “Why do you fight?” she said. That was the second time she’d asked me that question. My reaction both times was, Doesn’t everyone? You mean you guys don’t? What’s wrong with you? I didn’t say that out loud, but that’s what I[…] Read On

I Hate Morning People

You know those people who are alert and chipper from the moment they open their eyes in the morning? Yeah, I hate those people too. Morning is no time for good cheer or conscious thought, let alone having to deal with people. I doubt if whoever came up with the[…] Read On

Ideological Echo Chambers and the Death of Objectivity

We like to see ourselves as arbiters of absolute truth or at least infallible points of view. In reality we’re shockingly biased toward our existing beliefs. In case you’re wondering that’s called confirmation bias. All things considered it’s sort of surprising we ever get anything right. Think that’s not true?[…] Read On