Monthly Archives: March 2020

A Return to Cynical Mockery

Now that the stock market has soared like a gazillion points and officially mocked my foolish attempts at hedging against a market collapse I’m thinking it’s safe to return to my natural pre-viral state of cynical mockery. Some people are doing some very good work to lighten the mood in[…] Read On

Anything But Coronavirus Post

Well, this is challenging. How do you come up with something to blog about when everything is somehow wrapped up in coronavirus? Wait, I’ve got something. Today is Kim’s birthday. We’re going to go for a long hike and tonight I’m going to make one of her favorite dinners, orange[…] Read On

Crisis Is the New Normal

Watching last week’s democratic debate between two old white guys I was struck by how often the word crisis came up. I counted at least six different times: there was Trump, climate and, of course, coronavirus. Also student loan debt, women’s rights and authoritarianism. Had the debate gone longer, I’m[…] Read On