Monthly Archives: January 2021

Narcissist Is the New Nice

Have you ever known a genuinely “nice” person? You know what I’m talking about: Someone who never talks dirt about anyone or plays the blame game. Who always sees the best in everyone. The kind of person who searches for solutions, not problems. Who sees future potential, not past mistakes.[…] Read On

The Media, Big Tech and Our Cultural Divide

The media isn’t paid to reflect reality, it’s paid to get eyeballs. – Some Blogger, c. 2008 While blogging for CNET back in 2008, I observed that online media was generating headlines and oftentimes content to be clickable, not necessarily accurate. Hey, don’t laugh — that was an epiphany back then.[…] Read On

Beware the Mask Nazis

It had to happen sometime. Last night I was cursed and threatened by some rando for not having a mask on while walking my puppy on a public street. And no, I was not violating any state or local restrictions. I was coming from a daily gathering of dogs (and[…] Read On