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A Little Pandemic Perspective

“Remember when all we had to worry about was entitlement spending, dealing with millennials and where to go for dinner?” said Paul. On Zoom, natch. “Look at us now. We’re seriously f—ed.” “Don’t worry bro,” I said in that reassuring voice I reserve for close friends contemplating suicide, ” It’ll[…] Read On

Patience Is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue that will be rewarded. That’s something being an executive, a husband and an investor has taught me. Never mind that I was usually on the wrong side of the equation. That’s how you learn. Young and impetuous are practically synonyms. So are old and wise. And[…] Read On

2020: How About a Do-Over?

First, we literally shut down the U.S. economy for three months over a virus. Now that was a first. Then we had nationwide protests and rioting over a bad cop killing a guy for no apparent reason. As if that’s never happened before. However you look at it, history will[…] Read On