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The Media Is Making Us Stupid — But Then, They Had a Head Start

An article in Quartz tried really hard to shame the majority of Americans who support workplace diversity but don’t think “a person’s race or ethnicity should be taken into account alongside their qualifications in hiring decisions.” The thing is, most Americans don’t support race or ethnicity being used in hiring[…] Read On

The Link Between Unicorns and ‘Diversity and Inclusion’

There is an undeniable link between unicorns and diversity and inclusion. Unicorns are mythical. So is diversity and inclusion. And when I say diversity and inclusion, I mean the notion that bureaucratic diversity and inclusion apparatus and all the programs, initiatives, workshops and conferences they inevitably spawn actually help to[…] Read On

No Empathy? No Problem.

“What was that for?” she said, eyebrows crossed. “What was what for?” I replied, instantly on alert that I’d done something bad. “That laugh,” she said, clearly pissed off. “You laughed at me.” “Nothing,” I said, scrambling for solid ground. “I just walked in and saw you sitting there eating[…] Read On