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Life Is Good

Long day. Nice dinner. Good wine. A little Yankees playoff action. You know what? Life is good. Okay, so the Yankees lost. A little scotch to kill the pain. Life is still good. And you know what? Once we get through this pandemic, the race riots, the wildfires, the election[…] Read On

Lies, Dams Lies, Tweets and CDC Data

A recent CDC report says that just 6% of Covid-19 deaths had no additional listed causes or comorbidities. As you might expect, Twitter lit up like the Bay Area lightning storm that started all those wildfires: CDC: 94% COVID-19 mortalities had comorbidities such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes or dementia. Only[…] Read On

Best Haircut Ever

I’m inspired. Today, I got a haircut. It never felt so good. Never mind how pathetic that sounds. It’s something a lot of us are feeling lately. Never mind that my haircut had to take place out in the parking lot and the business owner and all her stylists can’t[…] Read On